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EPC Power Management is a unique company that combines high level knowledge with stable manpower. We have been providing structured and stable results in technical complex environments. We do not just provide people: we provide solutions.

EPC Power Management

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We believe that managing projects in production companies well is essential to their success. Well-managed projects and well-designed installations ensure that our clients are supported in their performance and efficiency delivering value to their customers and communities.


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment to our staff so that we can service our customers to the best of our ability via our Man+Plan© principle, with enthusiasm, openness, and honesty. We provide production companies with our project management framework, tools, and support to manage projects. This includes up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of production technology, operations, and maintenance.


By implementing our Man+Plan© principle, we ensure that we understand our customers’ needs and the needs of their customers. By following our principle, we will not only provide support for our clients, but also embed these plans and work methods in a sustainable way in the organization of our clients. We differentiate by being creative. This gives our clients a competitive advantage in their business.

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